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                 MEET YOUR
  Lash and Brow Artist's

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M e a g h a n


Licensed Cosmetologist

Certified Master Lash Artist

Certified Lash Trainer

Our leader and founder of MegaLash Studio is Meaghan. Her motivation, creativity, and love for people led her to open the doors of MegaLash Studio in 2015. Since then, she focuses on building long lasting relationships with her clients- and keeping up with current lash trends. Continued education, top quality products, and gorgeous lash application is extremely important to her. She is very passionate about her business! She loves educating her team and clients on absolutely anything they need to know about Lashes. 


A n d r e a

Licensed Cosmetologist
Certified Lash Artist
Lash Lift Expert

Andrea is our Lash Lift specialist at MegaLash! She absolutely loves the look on her clients face after she has transformed their lashes. "There's something empowering about helping another woman realize her self worth." Andrea's friendly and warm personality will instantly relax you! When she isn't busy lashing, you can find our die-hard Cub's fan watching a game, in her garden, or spending time with her family and fur baby Lucy.


 Licensed Esthetician     

  Certified Lash Artist   

 Lash Extension Expert

Paloma has had a passion for fashion and beauty since a young age. Exploring that passion, she enrolled into beauty school successfully graduating in 2020. She started off her career in a spa doing facials and waxing which was wonderful for the experience, however she never felt that was all she was meant to do. Finally, Paloma took the leap of leaving her spa to learn and master the skill of Eyelash Extensions. "Lash Extensions have boosted my confidence immensely and helping others to see their own inner beauty through lashes is truly amazing! I absolutely love what I do and strive to better at my craft every single day."

A ya

Licensed Esthetician
   Master Brow Artist
       Make Up Artist

Aya is our Master Brow Artist at MegaLash Studio! She is a Licensed Esthetician that has specialized in Brow Artistry for over 3 years. Her passion is to help you look and feel beautiful, one brow at a time. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-01 at 9.29.07 AM.png

B r e n d a

 Licensed Esthetician

 Brow Artistry Expert

Brenda is a Licensed Esthetician that specializes in Brow Artistry. Her goal is make you feel great and look great by having beautiful eyebrows! 

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